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7-Day Georgia Tour Package from UAE

Discover the Wonders of Georgia: A 7-day Georgia Tour Package from UAE

Georgia, a country brimming with diverse landscapes, rich history, and vibrant culture, offers a unique blend of experiences for travelers. The Georgia tour package from UAE is meticulously crafted to provide an immersive journey through this beautiful country, catering to couples, families, friends, and anyone with a zest for exploration. This package is not just a trip; it’s an opportunity to create unforgettable memories and discover the hidden gems of Georgia.


Exploring the Beauty of Georgia


Georgia is a land of contrasts, where the ancient and the modern coexist harmoniously. From the cobblestone streets of Tbilisi to the majestic Caucasus Mountains, every corner of Georgia tells a story of its rich heritage and traditions. This tour package is a gateway to explore the myriad of experiences that Georgia has to offer, allowing travelers to delve into its beauty, savor its cuisine, and connect with its warm and welcoming people.


Who is this Package For?


This Georgia tour package from UAE is designed for a diverse range of travelers. Whether you are a couple seeking a romantic getaway, a family looking to spend quality time together, or a group of friends eager to explore new horizons, this package is your ticket to a memorable Georgian adventure. It’s a journey tailored to suit the interests and preferences of everyone, ensuring a fulfilling and enjoyable experience.



Unpacking the 7-Day Itinerary


The 7-day itinerary is packed with a variety of activities and visits to iconic sites, allowing travelers to experience the essence of Georgia. Each day is a new adventure, unveiling the mysteries and wonders of this enchanting land.


Day 1: Arrival in Tbilisi


The journey begins with arrival at Tbilisi International Airport, followed by a transfer to the hotel. The first day is an opportunity to explore the Old Town, Tbilisi’s historic district, and get a glimpse of the city’s charm. Overnight stay in Tbilisi sets the tone for the exciting days ahead.


Day 2: Discovering Tbilisi


The exploration of Tbilisi continues with visits to landmarks such as the Narikala Fortress, Metekhi Church, and Sulphur Baths. The day is filled with discoveries, including a stroll down Rustaveli Avenue and a visit to Freedom Square, concluding with an overnight stay in Tbilisi.


Day 3: Journey to Mtskheta and Kazbegi


The journey proceeds to Mtskheta, the ancient capital of Georgia, and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The exploration of Svetitskhoveli Cathedral and Jvari Monastery is followed by a scenic drive to Kazbegi, where the Gergeti Trinity Church awaits, nestled against the backdrop of Mount Kazbek. The day concludes with an overnight stay in Kazbegi.


Day 4: From Kazbegi to Bakuriani


The adventure continues with a journey from Kazbegi to Bakuriani, a popular ski resort town. The day is marked by picturesque landscapes and opportunities to experience the local culture, concluding with an overnight stay in Bakuriani.


Day 5: Experiencing Bakuriani


Bakuriani offers a plethora of activities, from skiing and snowboarding in winter to hiking and horseback riding in summer. The day is dedicated to experiencing the beauty and excitement of Bakuriani, followed by an overnight stay in the town.


Day 6: Borjomi and Vardzia Exploration


The exploration of Georgia’s wonders continues with a visit to Borjomi Park, renowned for its mineral water springs, and the mesmerizing Vardzia Cave Monastery Complex. The day is a blend of relaxation and exploration, concluding with an overnight stay in Borjomi.


Day 7: Departure Day


The Georgian adventure concludes with some last-minute exploration before the departure. It’s a day to reflect on the unforgettable experiences and the bonds formed during this journey through Georgia.



Pricing and Inclusions


The Georgia tour package from UAE is priced at 2500 AED per person (twin sharing basis). The package includes accommodation, meals, transportation, guided tours, and entrance fees to all mentioned sites. It’s a value-packed offering, ensuring a hassle-free and enriching experience.


Why Choose this Georgia Tour Package from UAE?


Choosing this Georgia tour package from UAE is choosing an experience of a lifetime. It offers a perfect blend of exploration, relaxation, and cultural immersion. The meticulously planned itinerary, experienced guides, and inclusive pricing make it a preferred choice for travelers seeking to explore Georgia’s treasures.


Traveling with Children


The package is family-friendly, with provisions and considerations for traveling with children. Special arrangements can be made to accommodate the needs of younger travelers, ensuring a comfortable and enjoyable experience for all.

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Is transportation within Georgia included in the package?

Yes, all transportation within Georgia, including transfers to and from the airport and travel between cities and attractions, is included in the package. Transportation will be provided by comfortable and well-maintained vehicles.

What kind of accommodation is provided in the package?

The package includes stays in reputable and comfortable hotels. Accommodations are selected based on their quality, location, and services, ensuring a relaxing and enjoyable stay. Specific hotel details will be provided in your itinerary.

Can I customize the itinerary of the Georgia Tour Package?

Yes, customization of the itinerary is possible. Please discuss your preferences and requirements with our team in advance to tailor the package to your needs.

Is there any age restriction for the Georgia Tour Package?

There is usually no age restriction, but some activities within the package may have age-related limitations or requirements. It’s best to check with our team if you have any concerns or special requirements.

What is the currency used in Georgia, and where can I exchange money?

The currency used in Georgia is the Georgian Lari (GEL). Money can be exchanged at airports, banks, or authorized exchange bureaus. ATMs are also widely available in cities.

What is the cancellation policy for the Georgia Tour Package?

The cancellation policy may vary, but typically, cancellations made within a certain period before the departure date may incur charges. Please refer to the terms and conditions or contact our team for specific details.


The Georgia tour package from UAE is a journey of discovery and joy. It’s an opportunity to explore the untold stories of Georgia, experience its diverse landscapes, and immerse in its rich culture. Whether you are a history enthusiast, a nature lover, or a culinary explorer, Georgia has something for everyone. So, pack your bags and embark on a Georgian adventure that promises to be unforgettable!


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