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How to Check UAE Visa Status Using Your Passport Number

Check UAE Visa Status Using Passport Number

Visa status is of paramount importance for both residents and visitors in the UAE. For residents, it’s essential to know their visa status to ensure they are in line with the required regulations and maintain a valid legal presence in the country. Visitors, on the other hand, need to be aware of their visa status to ensure they don’t overstay. This article provides a comprehensive guide on how to check your visa status using a passport number in the UAE.


Online Methods to Check Visa Status


The UAE government has made it convenient for individuals to check their visa status online. Here are the primary methods:


ICA UAE Visa Status with Passport Number

  1. Navigate to the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship’s File Validity page.
  2. Click on search by “passport information”.
  3. Select “visa”.
  4. Enter the passport number and its expiration date.
  5. Choose your nationality.
  6. Verify you’re not a robot and click on “search”.
  7. Your visa status will be displayed on the screen.


GDRFA Dubai App for Visa Status


If you prefer a mobile solution, the GDRFA Dubai app is a great choice:

  1. Download and open the GDRFA Dubai app.
  2. Choose the “Entry Permit / Residence Status” service.
  3. Select “Residence Inquiry”.
  4. Provide the necessary details like visa code, first name, nationality, and date of birth.
  5. Click on “Inquiry”.
  6. If the information is correct, your visa details will be displayed, including your full name, UAE visa expiry date, visa type, and visa number.


Offline Methods to Check Visa Status


While online methods are convenient, there are offline methods available as well:

  1. For general UAE visa status: Call 600-522-222.
  2. For Dubai-based visas: Contact the Amer Centre at 800-5111.
  3. For visa status inquiries from outside the UAE: Dial +971-4-313-9999.
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Can I check my visa status using any passport number?

No, you can only check the visa status using the passport number associated with your visa application.

How often should I check my visa status?

It’s advisable to check your visa status regularly, especially if you’ve applied for a renewal or extension.

What should I do if my visa status shows as expired or invalid?

If your visa status appears as expired incorrectly, contact the ICA or your sponsor immediately to address the issue.

Is checking visa status a free service?

Yes, checking visa status is generally a free service provided by the UAE government.


Staying informed about your visa status in the UAE is crucial for both residents and visitors. With the methods outlined above, you can easily and conveniently check your visa status using your passport number, ensuring peace of mind during your stay in the UAE.


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