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e travel pass Philippines: Updates & News 2023

e travel pass Philippines

The electronic Travel Card, also known as the e-Travel Card, has officially supplanted the One Health Pass (OHP) as the mandatory entry requirement for travelers arriving in the Philippines. This e travel card presents a simplified and concise format, as mandated by the Philippine health authorities, aiming to streamline the arrival process.


Effectively implemented on April 15, 2023, the e-travel system now offers a highly convenient immigration platform for travelers entering and exiting the country. The traditional paper-based arrival and departure cards will be completely phased out by the Bureau of Immigration from May 1.


Unraveling the eTravel Card: The eTravel Card stands as a virtual Health Declaration and Contact Tracing platform designed to facilitate seamless and hassle-free movement of international travelers, from their point of departure to the Local Government Unit (LGU) of their destination. Primarily, the Philippine Government employs this database to conduct contact tracing in case a traveler falls prey to a specific disease.


Mandatory eTravel Card Application: As per the latest directives from the Inter-Agency Task Force for the Management of Emerging Infectious Diseases (IATF-EID), all arriving passengers must mandatorily register on the eTravel platform.


Procedure for eTravel Card Registration: The eTravel system is a responsive and web-based information platform accessible through smartphones, tablets, laptops, and personal computers. Navigating the eTravel portal is as simple as using any internet browser on your mobile or computer device.


When to Apply for eTravel Card: Every inbound traveler, be it a foreign national or a Filipino citizen (including infants and children), must individually complete the eTravel registration process at least 72 hours before their departure from the country of origin to the Philippines.


It is imperative to fill out the eTravel registration form and present proof of registration while boarding your flight.


Step-by-Step eTravel Card Registration:


  1. Visit
  2. Choose “Philippine passport holder” or “Foreign passport holder” based on your nationality.
  3. Provide your travel details and email address, then click “Continue.”
  4. Furnish your personal particulars, address information, travel itinerary, and destination details upon arrival in the Philippines.
  5. Complete the health declaration section.
  6. Carefully review your information and finalize the registration.


eTravel Card QR Code: Upon successful registration, you will be issued a QR Code specific to your eTravel Card. Ensure you save a screenshot or download the QR Code before closing or exiting the eTravel website or application. You will need to display this QR Code to an airline representative before boarding your flight. Furthermore, upon arrival in the Philippines, the Bureau of Quarantine (BOQ) officers will require you to present the QR Code for verification purposes.


e travel pass Philippines QR Code:


  1. Green QR Code: Upon providing all the necessary information and attachments, the eTravel system will issue a Green QR Code. Once your online registration is approved, you will qualify for the “Express Lane” at the airport. Your Green QR Code will be scanned and tagged for your arrival date and time. This facilitates a smooth entry process, eliminating the need for further interviews or document submissions.
  2. Red QR Code: If there are any missing requirements during your online registration, you will receive a Red QR Code. Upon your arrival at the airport, a Bureau of Quarantine (BOQ) personnel will conduct a manual verification and interview. Depending on the outcome, you might be required to undergo facility-based quarantine and RT-PCR testing.


eTravel Card Cost: The eTravel registration process is entirely free and does not involve any online payments. It is crucial to remain cautious and vigilant against fake, fraudulent, or scam websites that may attempt to solicit payment during registration.

palawan island philippines e travel pass application
philippines e travel pass application link etravel card


Can foreign travelers apply for the e Travel Pass Philippines?


Yes, foreign travelers planning to visit the Philippines can also apply for the e Travel Pass. It is a mandatory requirement for both domestic and international visitors.


Is the e Travel Pass applicable to all regions in the Philippines?


The e Travel Pass is generally applicable to all regions within the Philippines. However, certain areas may have specific guidelines or additional requirements depending on the local health situation.


How much does it cost to obtain the e Travel Pass?


The eTravel registration process is entirely free and does not involve any online payments.


Can I use the e Travel Pass for multiple trips to the Philippines?


The e Travel Pass is generally valid for a single trip. If you plan to visit the Philippines again, you will need to apply for a new pass for each subsequent journey.


What happens if my e Travel Pass application is denied?


In case your e Travel Pass application is denied, carefully review the reasons provided by the authorities. You may need to rectify any discrepancies or provide additional information before reapplying.


Can I apply for the e Travel Pass upon arrival in the Philippines?


It is highly recommended to obtain it 72 hours within your departure to avoid any potential delays or complications during your travel.

e Travel Pass Philippines


In conclusion, the eTravel Card has emerged as a pivotal tool in ensuring the safety and convenience of international travel to the Philippines. By embracing this innovative platform, travelers can look forward to a smooth and hassle-free entry process, bolstering the country’s tourism prospects in the year 2023 and beyond.


Etravel Card for the Philippines


The introduction of the etravel card for the Philippines marks a significant advancement in travel convenience and safety. This digital innovation not only simplifies the process of entering the Philippines but also ensures that all travelers comply with the health and safety regulations set by the Philippine government. The etravel card is a testament to the country’s commitment to leveraging technology for efficient travel management.


E Travel Pass


The e travel pass is a crucial tool for anyone planning to visit the Philippines. It serves as a digital gateway, facilitating smooth transitions through immigration and health checks. This pass is an essential part of your travel checklist, ensuring that your journey to the Philippines is both safe and hassle-free.


Etravel Pass Philippines


For travelers heading to the Philippines, the etravel pass Philippines is a mandatory requirement. It’s designed to streamline your entry into the country, making it quicker and more efficient. The etravel pass is a key component of the Philippines’ strategy to maintain a safe and healthy environment for both travelers and residents.


E Travelpass


The e travelpass is more than just a travel document; it’s a comprehensive solution that integrates health declarations, travel details, and contact tracing in one platform. Its user-friendly interface makes it easy for travelers to provide all necessary information, ensuring a smooth journey to the Philippines.


How to Get Etravel Pass


Getting your etravel pass is a straightforward process. It involves registering online, filling out the necessary personal and travel information, and completing a health declaration. This process is crucial for ensuring your readiness to travel to the Philippines and should be completed at least 72 hours before your departure.


Philippines Etravel Card


The Philippines etravel card represents a significant step forward in modernizing the travel experience. It’s a digital solution that aligns with global trends in travel safety and efficiency. The Philippines etravel card is your key to a seamless and enjoyable travel experience to this beautiful country.

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