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Affordable Dubai Visa Change by Kish Air

Affordable Dubai Visa Change by Kish Air

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Effortlessly renew your UAE visa with the Dubai Visa Change by Kish Air. Enjoy our comprehensive packages and seamless travel experience.


Your Comprehensive Guide to Dubai Visa Change by Kish Air


When it comes to the Dubai visa change by Kish Air, travelers have a reliable and efficient option. This service is especially popular among those needing a quick and hassle-free visa renewal. Below, we provide detailed information about this process, including frequently asked questions to help you better understand your options.


What is the Dubai Visa Change by Kish Air?


The Dubai visa change by Kish Air involves a short trip to Kish Island, an Iranian island in the Persian Gulf. This method is favored for its simplicity and cost-effectiveness, making it an ideal choice for many expats and travelers.


Dubai to Kish Island Visa Change Package


White Sky Travel offers a comprehensive package for those looking to renew their UAE visas via Kish Island. This package includes several key benefits:


  • 60-day UAE Visa: Priced at 1,250 AED.
  • 30-day Visa Change Package: Available for AED 1,100.
  • Roundtrip Airfare: Flights from Dubai Terminal 2 with QESHM or KISH Airlines.
  • Airport Transfers: Convenient transfers from Kish Airport to the hotel.
  • Complimentary Hotel Stay: One-night stay with breakfast for overnight schedules. Additional nights are available for just AED 20, including breakfast.


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For those looking to change their Dubai visa via Kish Island, the process is straightforward and efficient. With the comprehensive packages offered by White Sky Travel, you can enjoy a hassle-free visa renewal experience. This method remains one of the most popular choices for expats and travelers in Dubai.



Dubai Visa Change by Kish Island


Frequently Asked Questions


What is included in the Dubai to Kish Island Visa Change Package?

The package includes a 60-day UAE visa, roundtrip airfare from Dubai Terminal 2, airport transfers from Kish Airport to the hotel, a complimentary one-night hotel stay with breakfast, and additional nights for AED 20 each.


How does the visa change process happen?

The visa change process involves departing from Dubai Terminal 2 on a QESHM or KISH Airlines flight to Kish Island. Upon arrival, you will be transferred from Kish Airport to a hotel, where you will enjoy a complimentary one-night stay with breakfast. During your stay, your new UAE visa will be processed. Once your UAE visa is approved, you can fly back from Kish Island to the UAE.


How much does the 60-day visa change package cost?

The 60-day visa change package costs 1,250 AED.


Are there options for shorter visa durations?

Yes, there is a 30-day visa change package available for 1,100 AED.


What airlines are used for the visa change trip?

Flights are provided by QESHM Airlines or KISH Airlines.


What if I need to stay longer in Kish Island?

If you need to stay longer, additional nights at the hotel are available for AED 20 per night, including breakfast.


How do I book the visa change package?

You can book the package through White Sky Travel, which will handle all the arrangements for you.

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