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Scuba diving in Bermuda diving center

For select AED

Dive into Dubai’s Underwater Wonderland at Bermuda Diving Center


Discover a hidden world beneath the waves with Scuba diving in Bermuda diving center, the premier beach diving spot in Dubai. Dive deep into an enchanting marine realm, where seahorses dance and cattle fishes glide. This isn’t just a dive; it’s an experience.


Why Choose Bermuda Diving Center?


Unforgettable Marine Encounters: Witness the magic of Lamer Beach’s marine life. From playful seahorses to mesmerizing cattle fishes, every dive is a new adventure.

Quick & Comprehensive Training: Never dived before? Their experts will have you breathing underwater in just 3 hours. a 30-minute classroom session and 30-minute in-water beach practising ensures you’re well-prepared.

Flexible Dive Times: Dive on your schedule. Choose from three convenient timeslots, seven days a week: 9:00am-12:00pm, 12:00pm-3:00pm, or 3:00pm-6:00pm.

All-Inclusive Experience: Your dive includes everything you need. From pick-up and drop-off in Dubai to full scuba gear, we’ve got you covered. After your dive, relax with unlimited popcorn and beverages. And don’t forget to collect your complimentary underwater photos and videos!

VIP Diving Experience: Want a more personalized dive? Opt for our VIP Private Dive. Dive one-on-one with an instructor for an additional 100 AED.


What You Need to Know:


Dive Location: Lamer Beach, Dubai.

Duration: 3:30 hours, including transport.

Depth: Dive up to 8 meters, tailored to your comfort.

Price: Transportation included.

Age Requirement: Suitable for adventurers aged 10 and up.

Dress Code: Bring your swimwear and dive into fun!


Ready to Dive In?


Don’t miss out on this underwater escapade. Book your dive now and immerse yourself in Dubai’s breathtaking marine world. Dive with the best, dive with Bermuda Diving Center. Dive now!


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