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UAE visit visa renewal without exit price

UAE Visit visa renewal without exit

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is a sought-after destination for many. Whether you’re a tourist or on a business trip, understanding the visa regulations is crucial. This article delves deep into the topic of “uae visit visa renewal without exit price” and provides insights based on firsthand experiences and credible sources.


The Current Scenario in the UAE for Inside Country Visit Visa Change


Planning a stay in the UAE involves understanding the intricacies of visa regulations. Currently, the UAE no longer offers inside country visit visa changes. Instead, visitors have two primary options: airport-to-airport visa changes and visa changes to Oman by bus.


The Current Visa Change Options


There are two main options available for those looking to extend their stay in the UAE.


Airport-to-Airport Visa Change


Process: This method involves leaving the UAE and returning immediately via a different airport. Typically, travelers fly to a nearby country (e.g., Kuwait, Oman, or Bahrain) and then return to the UAE.


Cost: The cost can vary depending on factors such as the chosen travel agency, visa duration, and airline. It’s essential to research and compare prices.


Oman by Bus Visa Change


Process: Travelers can take a bus from the UAE to Oman’s border, exit the UAE, and then re-enter through Oman, once the UAE tourist visa is approved. This process is straightforward and cost-effective.


Cost: Oman by bus visa changes are generally more budget-friendly compared to airport-to-airport changes.


Visit Visa Extensions in the UAE


For those with 30-day or 60-day tourist visas, there’s good news:


Extension Options: Visitors can extend their stay in the UAE by 30 days, depending on the initial visa duration. This extension can be done twice, granting a maximum stay of 120 days.


Requirements: To extend your visa, you’ll need to inform your travel agent and provide necessary documents, passport copies, a white background photo, and visa fees.


Navigating the Maximum Stay Limit in the UAE


It’s essential to understand that the UAE enforces a maximum stay limit of 120 days for tourists. Once you’ve reached this limit, you must choose one of the tourist visa change options mentioned above to continue your stay legally.


UAE Visit Visa Renewal Without Exit Price


The term “uae visit visa renewal without exit price” often confuses many. However, as of now, the UAE doesn’t offer this option. Instead, visitors must explore the alternatives mentioned above.

visit visa without exit uae
UAE visit visa renewal without exit price from white sky travel


Can I still change my visit visa within the UAE?

No, as per current regulations, inside country visit visa changes within the UAE are no longer available.

How does the airport-to-airport visa change work?

It involves leaving the UAE and returning immediately via a different airport, often in a neighboring country.

What is the cost difference between airport-to-airport and Oman by bus visa changes?

Oman by bus visa changes are generally more budget-friendly.

Can I extend my visit visa in the UAE without Exit, and for how long?

Yes, depending on your initial visa duration, you can extend it by 30 days, twice.

What happens if I exceed the 120-day maximum stay limit in the UAE?

You must choose one of the available visa change options to continue your stay legally.

What documents do I need for the visa change process?

Essential documents like your passport copy, a passport-sized white background photo, Birth certificate for a Child applicant with mother visa change application, and any required documentation for your new visa type, nationality.


The UAE’s visa regulations are continually evolving. While the “uae visit visa renewal without exit price” isn’t available, the alternatives ensure visitors can enjoy their stay in this beautiful country. For more information or assistance, feel free to contact White Sky Travel.


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