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Umrah Package by Bus from Dubai – Sharjah



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18 years

1500 AED

Umrah Package by bus (10 days) (KSA101KOA)

Undertaking a pilgrimage to Makkah, Saudi Arabia, is a profound experience for Muslims globally. Opting for an Umrah package by bus allows devotees to journey to Makkah, Islam's holiest site, offering both spiritual enrichment and a unique travel experience to this vital Islamic pilgrimage destination.


Traveling to Makkah is an unforgettable experience that is filled with spiritual and emotional moments. The journey is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to connect with the city and the people of Makkah, and to experience the beauty of the city. For those who are able to make the journey, it is an experience that will stay with them forever.


For many residing in the UAE, the journey to Makkah is made even more accessible with the Umrah package from Dubai by bus. This package is tailored for those who prefer road travel, offering a unique experience as pilgrims journey through diverse landscapes and historical sites on their way to the holy city. The bus journey from Dubai is not just economical but also provides an opportunity for pilgrims to bond, share stories, and prepare themselves spiritually for the Umrah.


The Umrah package from Dubai by bus is especially popular among residents of Dubai and neighboring emirates. It offers a convenient and cost-effective alternative to flying. The journey by bus, although longer, allows pilgrims to witness the changing terrains of the Arabian Peninsula, making the pilgrimage even more memorable. As the bus meanders through the vast deserts, past ancient landmarks, and enters the sacred boundaries of Makkah, pilgrims get a chance to reflect and connect with their faith in a profound manner.


Umrah Packages from Sharjah by Bus: A Journey of Faith and Reflection


For those residing in Sharjah, the Umrah package by bus offers a unique opportunity to embark on this spiritual journey from the comfort of their own city. The package includes convenient pickup locations near Sharjah, making it easier for pilgrims to start their sacred journey. Traveling from Sharjah by bus adds a special dimension to the pilgrimage, as it allows devotees to witness the diverse landscapes of the UAE and Saudi Arabia, enhancing their spiritual experience.


Embracing Spirituality: Umrah Package from UAE


The Umrah package from the UAE is designed to cater to the needs of pilgrims across the Emirates. This comprehensive package ensures that devotees from all over the UAE can partake in this spiritual journey with ease and comfort. The journey by bus from the UAE is not just a travel experience but a communal spiritual journey, where pilgrims from different emirates come together, sharing their faith and devotion.


Umrah Package by Bus from Dubai: A Path to Divine Connection


Dubai, known for its modernity and luxury, also serves as a starting point for the sacred Umrah journey. The Umrah package by bus from Dubai is a testament to the city's commitment to catering to the spiritual needs of its Muslim residents. This package combines the convenience of modern travel with the traditional values of the pilgrimage, making it an ideal choice for those who wish to experience Umrah with a sense of community and shared purpose.




The Umrah package by bus, whether from Sharjah, Dubai, or anywhere in the UAE, offers a unique blend of spiritual fulfillment and a memorable travel experience. It's not just a journey across borders, but a journey within, bringing pilgrims closer to their faith and to each other. As they travel through the changing landscapes, they also traverse a path of inner reflection and renewal, making the Umrah journey by bus an experience to cherish for a lifetime.

Umrah Package by Bus Inclusions:

Umrah Visa

2 & 3 star Hotels accommodation

Transport by Bus

Border fee


10 days tour as follows:

05 days in Makkah

03 Days in Madinah

02 days travelling

Pickup locations:


Sharjah near Saudi Masjid

Abu Hail


Prices may vary based on pickup location, room type. Terms and conditions apply.

Require documents:


Original Passport (must be valid for 6 months).

2x2 Photo with white background.

UAE Residence Visa (2 months Valid).

Exploring the Umrah Packages from Sharjah by Bus


For travelers looking for a convenient and comfortable journey, the Umrah packages from Sharjah by bus offer an excellent choice. These packages are designed to provide a seamless travel experience, starting right from Sharjah. The bus journey itself is an adventure, allowing passengers to witness the changing landscapes and the unique beauty of the region as they travel towards their destination.


Journeying from Dubai to Mecca by Bus


The route from Dubai to Mecca by bus is a popular choice for those who prefer overland travel. This journey allows travelers to experience the vastness of the Arabian Peninsula in a unique way. The bus ride is not just a means of transportation but an integral part of the travel experience, offering a different perspective of the region's geography and culture.


Umrah Package from Sharjah by Bus: Comfort and Convenience


Choosing an Umrah package from Sharjah by bus combines comfort with the convenience of local departure. These packages are tailored to provide a stress-free travel experience, with attention to detail in every aspect of the journey. From comfortable seating to well-planned rest stops, every element is designed to enhance the travel experience.


The Appeal of Umrah Package Sharjah


The Umrah package Sharjah is an attractive option for those residing in and around Sharjah. These packages are crafted to cater to the preferences of travelers from this region, offering quality services and a hassle-free journey. The convenience of starting the journey from a local point makes these packages particularly appealing.


Umrah Package from UAE: A Unified Travel Experience


The Umrah package from UAE is a comprehensive travel solution for residents across the Emirates. These packages are designed to bring together travelers from various parts of the UAE, offering a unified and well-coordinated travel experience. The focus is on providing a smooth and enjoyable journey, regardless of the starting point within the UAE.


Affordable Options: Umrah Package from Dubai Price by Bus


For those seeking an economical travel option, the Umrah package from Dubai price by bus presents an attractive proposition. These packages are priced to offer value for money, ensuring that the journey is not just affordable but also comfortable and enjoyable. The pricing is structured to cater to a wide range of budgets, making the journey accessible to a larger group of travelers.

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