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Saudi Multiple Entry Visa for UAE Residents

164.00 $

For select AED

Dreaming of exploring the majestic landscapes of Saudi Arabia? Or perhaps you’re eager to embark on a spiritual journey with Umrah? For UAE residents, the gateway to these experiences is now within reach. Introducing the Saudi Multiple Entry Visa for UAE Residents – your passport to a year of unforgettable memories.



Why Choose Our Saudi Multiple Entry Visa?


  • Extended Exploration: With a validity of one year, you have the freedom to dive deep into Saudi’s rich culture and history. And the best part? You can stay up to 90 days in a single year, giving you ample time to uncover hidden gems.
  • Spiritual Journey: This isn’t just a tourist visa. It’s also your ticket to perform Umrah, allowing you to connect with your faith in the heart of Islam.
  • Hassle-Free Application: All you need is a passport with 6 months validity, a photo against a white background, and a residence visa page with 3 months validity. It’s that simple.


Secure your Saudi Multiple Entry Visa today and unlock a world of experiences waiting for you in Saudi Arabia. Dive into the culture, connect with your faith, and make memories that last forever. Whether you’re a history enthusiast, a nature lover, or a pilgrim seeking spiritual solace, this visa opens doors to a multitude of adventures and meaningful moments. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to explore, discover, and connect in Saudi Arabia.

Saudi visa for uae residents



Is the KSA visa multiple entry for UAE residents?


Yes, there is a multiple entry visa option available for UAE residents wishing to visit Saudi Arabia.


How can I get a multiple entry visa in Saudi Arabia?


To obtain a multiple entry visa for Saudi Arabia, you need to submit the required documents, including a passport with 6 months validity, a photo with a white background, and a residence visa page with 3 months validity.


How long does it take to get a Saudi multiple entry visa?


The processing time for a Saudi multiple entry visa can vary based on several factors. Typically, it can take anywhere from a few days to a two weeks.


Is there a limit on the multiple entry visa?


The Saudi multiple entry visa for UAE residents allows a maximum stay of 90 days in a year. However, the visa’s validity extends for one year.


What happens if my visa application is denied?


If your visa application is denied, the visa fee is non-refundable. You can inquire about the reason for the denial and consider reapplying if circumstances change.

saudi arabia visa for uae residents


Exploring Saudi Arabia: A Gateway for UAE Residents


Saudi Arabia, a land of historical significance and cultural richness, is now more accessible than ever for UAE residents. The introduction of the Saudi Multiple Entry Visa for UAE residents has opened new horizons for explorers and spiritual seekers alike. With this visa, not only can you delve into the ancient history and vibrant culture of Saudi Arabia, but you can also experience the convenience and flexibility that comes with multiple entries over a year. This is particularly advantageous for those planning multiple trips, whether for business, leisure, or spiritual purposes.


The Financial Aspect: Understanding the Fees


When considering a trip to Saudi Arabia from Dubai, it’s important to be aware of the Saudi Multiple Entry Visa for UAE residents fees. These fees are structured to facilitate ease of travel while ensuring that the journey remains cost-effective. This financial aspect is crucial for frequent travelers who wish to make the most of the Saudi 1 Year Multiple Entry Visa. By understanding the fee structure, travelers can better plan their trips and budget accordingly.


Seamless Travel from Dubai to Saudi Arabia


For UAE residents, especially those residing in Dubai, the process of obtaining a visa to Saudi Arabia has been streamlined to enhance convenience. The Saudi Visa for UAE residents symbolizes a bridge between the two nations, fostering stronger ties and enabling smoother travel experiences. Whether you’re planning a short getaway or a longer exploration, the visa from Dubai to Saudi Arabia ensures that your journey is as seamless as possible.


A Year of Opportunities: The Saudi 1 Year Multiple Entry Visa


The Saudi 1 Year Multiple Entry Visa stands out as a beacon of opportunity for UAE residents. It’s not just a travel document; it’s a passport to a year filled with diverse experiences. From the bustling streets of Riyadh to the serene landscapes of Asir Province, this visa allows travelers to immerse themselves in the myriad facets of Saudi life. The Saudi Arabia 1 Year Multiple Entry Visa for UAE residents is more than just a permit; it’s a key to unlocking a treasure trove of experiences in the heart of the Arabian Peninsula.



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