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Best Family-Friendly Activities in Abu Dhabi – Things to do in Abu Dhabi

“The family is one of nature’s masterpieces.” – George Santayana


Abu Dhabi is the lively capital of the United Arab Emirates. It’s a place that stands out with fun things for families to do. You’ll find amazing theme parks and calm nature spots. This city is a treasure trove for making family memories. Let’s dive into the top family activities in Abu Dhabi. We’ll cover activities for everyone. This way, your family vacation will be incredible.


Key Takeaways


  • Abu Dhabi boasts a diverse array of family-friendly attractions, catering to visitors of all ages.
  • Explore thrilling theme parks, exhilarating water adventures, and captivating animal encounters.
  • Discover outdoor activities, educational experiences, and luxury family resorts for a well-rounded vacation.
  • Abu Dhabi is renowned for its safety, connectivity, and growing tourism industry, making it an ideal destination for families.
  • Plan your visit to ensure you make the most of the city’s top family-friendly activities and create lasting memories.


Theme Parks to Visit in Abu Dhabi


Abu Dhabi is known for its exciting theme parks. Visitors of all ages find joy in Ferrari World Abu Dhabi and Warner Bros. World Abu Dhabi.


Ferrari World Abu Dhabi


If you love fast rides, Formula Rossa is a must. It’s the world’s quickest rollercoaster, hitting 150 mph. You’ll find other fun things too, from classic rides to Ferrari-themed exhibits.


ferrari world abu dhabi


Warner Bros. World Abu Dhabi


Warner Bros. World Abu Dhabi is ideal for families. It has exciting rollercoasters and calm activities for the little ones. Enjoy Gotham City with DC Comics superheroes, have fun with the Flintstones, and meet iconic Warner Bros. characters. This theme park ensures kids have a blast with rides, shows, and more.


“Warner Bros. World Abu Dhabi has a great mix of attractions, from thrilling rollercoasters to peaceful kiddies activities perfect for anyone aged 3 and up.”


Water Parks in Abu Dhabi


Not visiting a water park in Abu Dhabi means missing out on fun. These parks are full of thrilling rides and areas just for kids. They make for a perfect family day out.


Yas Waterworld


Yas Waterworld on Yas Island is a hotspot for family adventures. It features over 40 rides, including Shaheen’s Adrenaline Rush, giving everyone a chance for fun. Parents can relax as the little ones play in the kids’ area. With 351 great reviews, it’s the place for water-loving families.


yas waterworld

Yas Waterworld isn’t just about rides. It also has great places to eat and shop. This makes it a complete family day. It’s the perfect spot to escape the hot desert and have fun with loved ones.


Animal Encounters in Abu Dhabi


Explore the wonders of the animal kingdom in Abu Dhabi. You can meet everything from mighty elephants to graceful marine creatures. There are many ways to get close to different species. Discover top animal attractions for an unforgettable adventure.


Emirates Park Zoo


Have an amazing time dining with elephants or feeding hippos at the Emirates Park Zoo. This zoo features a large adventure area. Kids can enjoy thrilling activities around the tropical bird enclosure.


Al Ain Zoo


Make your children’s day brighter at the Al Ain Zoo. It houses a variety of birds, mammals, and reptiles. From emus to giant tortoises, there’s a lot to see. The zoo is a key player in saving endangered species, which is good for kids to learn about.


The National Aquarium


The National Aquarium opened in 2021. It’s Abu Dhabi’s largest public aquarium. Enjoy the underwater world and see amazing creatures. You can even take a glass dhow tour to get a closer look at the marine life.


“Visiting the animal attractions in Abu Dhabi is a must-do for any family looking to create lasting memories and learn about the importance of wildlife conservation.”


Family-Friendly Beaches in Abu Dhabi


Abu Dhabi has a lot of family-friendly beaches, perfect for all ages. You can choose from the lively Corniche Beach to the quiet Kai Beach Saadiyat. Every family can find their ideal spot to make special memories.


Corniche Beach


At Corniche Beach, kids can build sandcastles by the sparkling water. It’s at the heart of Abu Dhabi, so getting there is easy. Enjoy a picnic or play beach volleyball. You have choices between the public beach and a private one for families. The view mixes the beach and city skyscrapers. And there are many places nearby to eat and drink.


Kai Beach Saadiyat


Kai Beach on Saadiyat Island is perfect for a sunny day. It’s close to downtown Abu Dhabi and you can easily spend all day there. The beach and the island itself are known for Hawksbill Turtles. They are a special and lovely feature.


Al Bateen Beach


Al Bateen Beach is next to Hudariyat Island and is great for families visiting. Kids can have fun in play areas. Parents can enjoy water sports like kayaking. This place is free to enter for everyone. There’s also a section just for women and kids. It offers special security and female lifeguards. But there is a small fee for this area.


Adventure Parks in Abu Dhabi


Abu Dhabi offers exciting adventure parks for both families and thrill-seekers. You can jump high on trampolines or race go-karts. These activities are perfect for those who love excitement.


Bounce Abu Dhabi


Bounce Abu Dhabi is a dream come true if you’ve wanted to fly like a superhero. It’s an indoor park in Marina Mall with over 100 trampolines. These trampolines are perfect for jumping, flipping, and bouncing with your heart’s content. Kids three and older can join in, and it’s great for adults too.


The park also has basketball hoops and dodgeball courts. Plus, you can even have private events there. It’s a great spot in Abu Dhabi for families.


Yas Kartzone


For a fast-paced adventure, visit Yas Kartzone in Abu Dhabi. This top go-kart area on Yas Island has a 1-kilometer track. It has three different track configurations, making it fun for all ages and skills.


Children as young as five can race, and so can older kids and adults. It’s a chance to feel like a racecar driver. This activity is good for families looking for fun in Abu Dhabi.


Things to do in abu dhabi


Abu Dhabi is the modern capital of the United Arab Emirates. It offers many activities for families. You can find everything from exciting theme parks to quiet natural spots. This city is full of fun, no matter your age or interest.


Visiting Ferrari World is a highlight in Abu Dhabi. It’s the world’s biggest indoor theme park. It has over 20 rides, including the Formula Rossa, the fastest roller coaster. Thrill-seekers will love it.


To get wet and wild, visit Yas Waterworld. It boasts 40 rides and slides. You can take on water coasters, float down the lazy river, or enjoy family water games.


Nature lovers should explore the animal encounters in Abu Dhabi. Visit the Emirates Park Zoo with 3,000 animals. Or see the endangered Arabian oryx at the Al Ain Zoo. You can also go to the National Aquarium, the Middle East’s biggest, for a sea adventure.


For a laid-back day, Abu Dhabi has family-friendly beaches. Relax at Corniche Beach with its beautiful sands. Or discover the peace of Kai Beach Saadiyat and Al Bateen Beach.


If you seek excitement, try Bounce Abu Dhabi or Yas Kartzone. At Yas Kartzone, you can zoom around in go-karts.


Abu Dhabi mixes thrilling parks, water fun, and exciting adventures. It’s a place for memorable family times. Enjoy a blend of the modern and the traditional. Make memories that last a lifetime.


“Abu Dhabi is a city that seamlessly blends the old and the new, offering a rich tapestry of experiences for families to discover and explore.” – Travel Journalist, Jane Doe


Family-Friendly Outdoor Activities in Abu Dhabi


In Abu Dhabi, there are countless family-friendly activities. You can choose from interactive indoor places to fun outdoor adventures. There’s always something exciting for everyone. We’ll look at two top spots perfect for families with children.


KidZania Abu Dhabi


KidZania is a special spot indoors for kids in Abu Dhabi. It’s a lively, interactive place that looks like a small city. Kids aged 3 and above can pretend to be adults here. They can try out different jobs and learn how the world works. Kids can be anything from a gas station worker to a grocery store cashier. They earn and spend their own money, kidZos. This place is both fun and educational.


Jebel Hafit Desert Park


On the other hand, the Jebel Hafit Desert Park in Al Ain is an outdoor paradise. It’s set at the Jebel Hafit mountains’ base. This desert garden is rich in history and culture, offering fun activities like camping, hiking, and camel or horse riding. It’s perfect for families wanting to take a break from screens and be one with nature. You can choose to camp out or explore the stunning outdoors. It’s a great place for things to do in Abu Dhabi with kids.


Abu Dhabi has a lot to offer for families. You can enjoy both indoor and outdoor adventures. Whether it’s the fun of KidZania abu dhabi or the beauty of the Jebel Hafit Desert Park, you’ll make precious memories in this exciting city.


Educational Activities for Kids in Abu Dhabi


Abu Dhabi is the capital of the United Arab Emirates. It’s full of things for families to enjoy. There are also plenty of activities that spark kids’ curiosity and help them learn. The city is home to interactive museums and places where kids can get hands-on. These places offer great chances for kids to learn and have fun.


SeaWorld Abu Dhabi is a top choice for learning and fun. It’s a big area with themed zones, and a lot of sea creatures. Kids can see and learn about marine life in exciting ways here.


Wish it was winter? Head to Snow Abu Dhabi. It’s indoors and filled with snow. There are rides and activities for kids to enjoy the snow in a warm place.


  • Check out the The National Aquarium. It has thousands of animals from over 300 species.
  • Visit Emirates Park Zoo for a look at 1,500 animals from 200 different types.
  • Explore the Louvre Abu Dhabi to learn about art and culture.


Abu Dhabi has more than just traditional learning spots. Bounce Abu Dhabi and Yas Kartzone are fun places that also keep kids active. For interactive learning, try KidZania and Jebel Hafit Desert Park.


There’s so much to do and learn in Abu Dhabi. Kids can dive into the sea, play in snow, and visit cultural places. Abu Dhabi’s offerings are both fun and educational for families.


Luxury Family Resorts in Abu Dhabi


Planning a family vacation in Abu Dhabi? Luxury family resorts are a top choice for an amazing trip. They provide everything from private beaches to fine dining. Your family will enjoy special activities and amenities, creating lasting memories.


The Saadiyat Rotana Resort & Villas is one great choice. It features a 9-kilometer private beach. Families can have fun with water sports, relax on the sand, or use the resort’s swimming pools. The Desert Islands Resort and Spa by Anantara, known for its nature walks and wildlife, is another option.


The Rixos Premium Saadiyat Island has six restaurants, perfect for a varied dining experience. The Al Wathba Luxury Collection Desert Resort & Spa is a peaceful choice. It has 99 rooms, suites, and villas for families.


The Warner Bros hotel on Yas Island is exciting. It includes free access to Warner Bros World Abu Dhabi theme park. This makes stays memorable for families.


Other great resorts in Abu Dhabi include the Emirates Palace Mandarin Oriental. With large rooms starting at 55 square meters, it’s a spacious choice. The Hilton Abu Dhabi Yas Island offers free access to a Yas Island theme park per stay.


Whether it’s a beach break, adventure, or cultural experience, Abu Dhabi’s luxury family resorts are ideal for a memorable family trip.


Parks and Nature Reserves in Abu Dhabi


Abu Dhabi, known as the capital of the United Arab Emirates, has many parks and nature reserves. These places provide great outdoor fun for everyone. Sheikha Fatima Park especially stands out. It is a large green area perfect for families.


Sheikha Fatima Park


The Sheikha Fatima Park spans over 46,000 square meters. It’s ideal for families wanting a day of fun and calm. The park has many features like a splash pad, basketball court, and areas for kids to play. If you’re looking for some excitement, there’s also a pet park and a skate park.


This park often hosts events and activities for kids. Think yoga and outdoor movies, and even concerts at different times of the year. For food and drink, you can find healthy options at the cafés and restaurants nearby.


Sheikha Fatima Park is a great place for kids to play, for relaxed walks, and to join community events. Families visiting Abu Dhabi will surely find joy here. With all its amenities and activities, this urban oasis is perfect for making family memories.




Abu Dhabi is the capital of the United Arab Emirates. It blends modern luxury with a rich cultural heritage. This mix makes it a top pick for families looking for amazing experiences.


With places like Ferrari World Abu Dhabi and Yas Waterworld, it’s perfect for adventures. You can also explore the city’s impressive architecture. What’s more, Abu Dhabi is known for being safe and easy to get around, making it great for families.


When you visit Abu Dhabi, don’t miss its natural beauty. The Jebel Hafeet mountain and mangrove kayaking are stunning. Enjoy the Heritage Village and Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque for culture. Abu Dhabi offers top-notch fun while celebrating its traditions.


What are the top family-friendly attractions in Abu Dhabi?

Abu Dhabi has many fun attractions for families. These include places like Ferrari World Abu Dhabi and Warner Bros. World Abu Dhabi. You can also visit Yas Waterworld and meet animals at Emirates Park Zoo and Al Ain Zoo.


What can I do with my kids at Ferrari World Abu Dhabi?

Ferrari World Abu Dhabi has more than 40 rides and attractions. The highlight is Formula Rossa, the fastest roller coaster in the world. Kids of any age can find something fun here, from exciting rides to more relaxing ones.


What is there to do for kids at Warner Bros. World Abu Dhabi?

Warner Bros. World Abu Dhabi is full of fun, from fast roller coasters to calm rides. You can visit different areas like Gotham City and Cartoon Junction. Meet characters like Superman, Bugs Bunny, and the Flintstones.


What are the must-try water rides at Yas Waterworld?

Yas Waterworld has many water slides and pools. You shouldn’t miss Shaheen’s Adrenaline Rush for an extreme thrill. For younger kids, there’s Sultan’s Young Fun and a special kids’ pool area.


What kind of animal encounters can I experience in Abu Dhabi?

In Abu Dhabi, you can get up close to animals at zoos and aquariums. Emirates Park Zoo and Al Ain Zoo offer animal feedings and interactions. Don’t miss the National Aquarium to see marine life up close.


What are some of the best family-friendly beaches in Abu Dhabi?

Enjoy the beach at places like Corniche, Kai Beach, and Al Bateen Beach. Families can swim, play in the sand, and try water sports together.


What kind of adventure parks are available in Abu Dhabi?

For an adventure, try Bounce Abu Dhabi or Yas Kartzone. Bounce has trampolines while Yas Kartzone has races for all ages.


What outdoor activities can families enjoy in Abu Dhabi?

At Jebel Hafit Desert Park, families can hike, ride camels or horses, and camp. Sheikha Fatima Park in the city has a splash pad, basketball court, and pet areas.


What educational experiences are available for kids in Abu Dhabi?

KidZania Abu Dhabi is like a mini city for kids to learn different jobs in a fun way. It’s perfect for interactive education.
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